About us

We are passionate about water beds

– and we have been since 1978, when we started working with waterbeds. It led six years later to the establishment of Wa’core A/S, which since then has delivered more than 750,000 water mattresses to customers throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Sleep well!
Sleep is important for our quality of life, immune function, efficiency and many other things. You find out how important it is when you’ve slept badly …

In Wa’core we take pride in developing and designing water beds, which guarantees the perfect sleep and provide rest for the entire body – partly because of high relief of muscles and joints.

A waterbed is not what it once was – thank goodness …
A lot has happened with waterbeds, since the first was released many years ago. In the beginning it might be a “shaky experience” to sleep in a waterbed, but today many will not notice it – except those benefits a waterbed has compared to regular mattresses.

Wa’core has over the years been in the forefront with respect to product development and design that follows market trends and trends. Therefore – and by virtue of years of experience, high professional knowledge and great market insight – Wa’core remains one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and supplier of waterbeds.