Dreamline is the name of the new water mattress series in the Wacore family.

Dreamline is made by Wacore and is produced in 4 different stabilisations.
Dream 2, Dream 4, Dream 6 and Dream 8.

The new Wacore Dreamline series is made in Mesamol 2 vinyl and feels very supple.

For the stabilisation of the water mattress, Wacore uses the high-quality Quantum foam . This foam has an open cell structure, which makes the water to flow freely through the entire foam core, even at higher stabilisations.


The specific shape of the Quantum foam, gives the mattress, in any stabilisation, the pleasant comfort of a waterbed. The Dreamline water mattress is easy to fill and due to the open cell structure of the foam the draining of the water mattress is very easy.

The Quantum foam made by Wacore on a custom-made basis gives our Dreamline mattress an extraordinary new comfort and an incomparable sleeping experience.

Quantum Foam is certified by Ökotex and offers a longer lifespan than conventional stabilising materials.

Long and demanding tests of the Quantum foam show a deformation of maximum 4%, even with a permanent strong load. This means that the new Wacore Dreamline water mattress can provide the best comfort for the long term use.

The specific pyramid-shaped pattern causes the sleeper to have a feeling of being in a waterbed even with the highest stabilisation of the water mattress.

The reason for this is the many pyramid points that gives a progressive full-body support.

The Wacore Dreamline series offers all the advantages of the waterbed. Ergonomic perfection thanks to ideal pressure distribution combined with the benefits of high bed hygiene and the pleasant warmth from the heating system.

The new Dreamline water mattress from Wacore has the four mentioned stabilizations, but can also be customized on request.

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