The surface of our Skyline water mattress is vacuum formed with a special developed pattern from Wa'core.
This provides an additional flexible surface that adapts perfectly to your body and provides an accurate and reliable orthopaedic support for your entire back and spine.

The pre-compressed fibres in the water mattress ensure that the stabilization and the lumbar support keep their unique properties for many years and with a minimum loss of stabilization.

The lumbar support have its full effect in this exclusive mattress from Wa'core.

Sky 3L Light / medium stabilization with mild lumbar support. 3 fibre layers. 2 lumbar support layers.
Stabilization 2-3 sec.
Sky 4L Strong stabilization and optimized with lumbar support. Especially suitable for people with back problems. 4 fibre layers. 3 lumbar support layers.
Stabilization 1-2 seconds.
Sky 6L Fully muted. Feels like you're not sleeping on water. This mattress is highly recommended, if you suffer from back problems. 6 fibre layers. 3 lumbar support layers.
Stabilization 0-1 sec.
Sky 8L Because of the extremely high support and the ultra-high stability, making this a very good orthopaedic mattress support for the back and spine. Recommended for heavier persons and those, who want to be on a very firm and completely stabilized mattress. 8 fibre layers. 3 lumbar support layers.
Stabilization 0 sec.

All our Skyline mattresses are produced with environmentally friendly plasticizer Mesamoll ® II, which ensure higher lifespan of our mattresses.

The phthalate-free plasticizer Mesamoll ® II from Lanxess, meets the highest standards of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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