The Aquabox Brighton is a waterbed in box spring look.

As the Brighton waterbed stands on 15 cm. high legs stand this creates a more airy box spring optic. The Brighton bed has 2 large storage drawers on metal rails at each side, which give you 4 good storage places in a pleasant temperature.
The "soft-close" system of the drawers ensures that the drawers close smoothly and silent. The Brighton can be supplied as a standard waterbed version, as a split waterbed or as a waterbed with an upholstered cover and topper.

The Brighton headboard has two adjustable panels, which can be adjusted separately in multiple positions. This allows you to comfortably watch TV, read or perhaps have your breakfast in bed.

The Brighton can also be combined with all other headboards from the Wa'core collection. The Brighton consists of 4 box parts, each with 4 legs. The legs can be supplied in a matching color.

The Brighton is available in all standard bed sizes. The bed can be equipped with Dreamline, Skyline or Nightline water technique. Thanks to the extensive Wa'core fabric collection, you have the choice of fabric or artificial leather in many colors.

Available as UNO (1 large water mattress) or as DUAL version (2 separate water mattresses).

In all cases you have a fully hygienic and comfortable bed, with a comfortable bed temperature in winter and a pleasantly cool temperature in summer.

Headboard Brighton

Width (cm) Length (cm) Height (cm) Depth (cm) Width (cm)
160 200 116 10 Bed width+20
180 200, 210, 220 116 10 Bed width+20
200 200, 220 116 10 Bed width+20

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