The unique Box-spring bed style forms the basis for the development of our Aquabox Rodi.

Upholstered side panels in combination with one of our timeless headboards and our Smart-Split system guarantees the style and class of a special water bed in
Box-spring look.

Equipped with a comfortable mattress height of 55 cm, which can be combined with an integrated dust blocker and / or integrated 5 cm Visco topper, unites this bed design at its best, unique comfort and high standard of hygiene.

Aquabox Rodi is what a modern water bed should be.

Our Aquabox Rodi can be delivered throughout our large textile and textile leather selection.

    Headboard Rodi
Width (cm) Length (cm) Height Depth Width (cm)
100 200 115 10 Bed width +20
160 200 115 10 Bed width +20
180 200, 210, 220 115 10 Bed width +20
200 200, 220 115 10 Bed width +20


Box-spring bed look

Waterbed comfort

Easy to install

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