Bari Exclusive waterbed is one of our other expressions in Box-spring look.

The elegant design expressed in Bari Exclusive water bed with one of our top water mattresses, gives you first-class sleeping comfort, rest and relief - and also pleasing to the eye.

This Bari Exclusive bed has a mattress height of 64 cm. which makes it very easy to get in and out of bed.

The elegant and durable furniture textiles in many colours, making it possible for you to have a beautiful bed that fits perfectly into your style and colours.

Bari Exclusive bed is for those, who do not just want to sleep elegant, but who appreciate the quality of the sleep. Our water mattress gives you the perfect ergonomic comfort and back / lumbar-relief. With the therapeutic heat
, you will never sleep too cold or too hot.

For people sensitive or allergic to dust mites, our water beds are  often the obvious choice, as the water mattress easily can be cleaned with a cloth with vinyl cleaner and the cover is washable at 60º. Then your bed is hygienically clean.

This distinguishes a Wa'core waterbed substantially from conventional beds, and a Wa'core water mattress retains its shape and its properties in all the time you have it.

Bari Exclusive bed is extremely simple to install - the bed frame is assembled without the use of tools in 3 minutes - and you are ready to fill the mattress.

All our headboards are of course available in all of our furniture fabrics and artificial leather. All fabrics have a high durability and are available in many colours.

    Headboard Oxford
Width(cm) Length(cm) Height(cm)
100 200 123 17 Bed width+20
140 200, 220 123 17 Bed width+20
160 200 123 17 Bed width+20
180 200, 210, 220 123 17 Bed width+20
200 200, 210, 220 123 17 Bed width+20



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