The modern and stylish design combined with a Wa'core water mattress provides a first-class sleeping comfort and thus a perfect and restful sleep.

The mattress height on 69 cm makes it easy to get in and out of bed.

Mesina is produced in highly durable upholstery fabric or a artificial leather.
Both materials have high durability, and is available in many colours.

The many colour and fabric options offers the opportunity to design a nice bed that suits you in style and colours.
The wide range of Wa'core water mattresses - ranging from light to very stabilised, gives you the possibility of putting together a bed that is completely customized to your sleeping comfort.

    Headboard Mesina
Width(cm) Length(cm) Height(cm) Depth(cm)
100 200 121 12 Bed width
140 200, 220 121 12 Bed width
160 200 121 12 Bed width
180 200, 210, 220 121 12 Bed width
200 200, 210, 220 121 12 Bed width




Comfortable mattress height

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